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Canadian 12" Indoor/Outdoor Dial Thermometer


Oh Canada! With four beautiful seasons that include a mixed bag of temperatures, we all know Canadian temperatures are always changing. Rain one day, heat wave the next, or a blizzard the next, no matter what Mother Nature is throwing at us you need a thermometer that speaks to you as a proud Canadian! The Marathon Indoor / outdoor thermometer will have your Canadian pride bursting!With a selection of Canadian Flag, Farm Scene, Map of Canada, Windy Blowing Maple Leafs, Jumbo Maple Leaf or Animals of Canada you will have no issue finding your perfect thermometer! Marathon Housewares' Indoor Outdoor Thermometer features extra-large bold contrasted numbers on a Canadian-style print. This product contains no mercury and is made from high quality ABS plastics. Can be wall mounted inside or outdoors, offering reliable temperature readouts in -40C to 60C (-40F to 140F) conditions. Great for schools, farms, greenhouses, office settings, cottages and homes.



Features Canadian-style print suitable for indoor or outdoor usage
Great for cottage life, home and backyard settings, schools and hospitals
12" Diameter with extra bold digits for readability - No battery included!
Weather-resistant and mercury free
Selection of Pictures: Canadian Flag, farm Scene, Map of Canada, Windy Blowing Maple Leafs, Jumbo Marathon Leaf and Animals of Canada