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Easy Marinate Flexible Stainless Steel Grilling Skewers


Your big annual 4th of July bash is not complete without your famous steak and mushroom kabobs! When you use the Marathon Flexible Skewers your kabobs will cook to perfection, and will hold more food than the typical straight edge skewer. Due to the flexibility of each and every skewer marinating to mouth-watering perfection is made even easier. To save time in your very busy everyday life your pre-made kabobs will easily freeze as the flexibility allows "movement". 30" long (75cm) flexible stainless steel skewers fit any BBQ grill size and optimize space on your grill top. Great for marinating meats and vegetables, dishwasher safe, easy to clean and use. Made from 100% FDA approved stainless steel.



  • 30" inches in length
  • Efficiently uses space on your grill
  • 100% FDA approved stainless steel is dishwasher safe and very easy to clean
  • Braded stainless steel end probes prevent food from spinning, allowing food to cook evenly
  • Allows your grill top to be used for smaller seafoods and vegetables