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Heavy Duty Knitted Laundry / Equipment Bag

The Marathon knitted laundry bag has multiple useful functions for your everyday life. Ideal for organizing clothes for washing or keeping them in one place. Ideal for gym teachers to easily transport various sporting equipment around. Ideal for storage of children's favourite stuffed animals. Ideal to transport children's toys from their bedroom to the cottage. So many simple uses in such a simple bag. Marathon Housewares' Knitted Laundry Bag is great for dorms, residence, apartments and at home. The durable polyester mesh is machine washable and features a unique drawstring closure that prevents the bag from accidentally opening.


  • Larger than standard laundry bags
  • Very durable and machine washable
  • Unique lock clip drawstring, Knitted polyester for long term use
  • Perfect for storing sports equipment, or keeping clothes from together in one location
  • Large name tag to ensure your bag doesn't get misplaced